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Russell Hopfenberg (2014): An expansion of the demographic transition model: the dynamic link between agricultural productivity and population, Biodiversity, DOI: 10.1080/14888386.2014.973904


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Hopfenberg, R. (2011). [Review of the book A Cybernetic View of Biological Growth: The Maia Hypothesis., by Tony Stebbing]. American Journal of Human Biology, 28, 826-830.


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Hopfenberg, R. (2009) Genetic feedback and human population regulation. Human Ecology 37: 643-651


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Hopfenberg, R. (2003) Human carrying capacity is determined by food availability. Population and Environment 25: 109-117


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Hopfenberg, R., Pimentel, D. (2001) Human Population Numbers as a Function of Food Supply. Environment, Development and Sustainability 3: 115.


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