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Media Attention to Human Population Dynamics


bulletToo Big to Fail: Ecological Ignorance and Economic Collapse, The Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel, April 20, 2009
This report highlights the need for "ecological literacy."


bullet Clinics link economy to rise in abortions - They also report more vasectomies, The News & Observer, March 25, 2009
This report provides anecdotal evidence of people making procreation decisions based upon resource availability.  While the above piece focuses on abortion and vasectomies, most people do not resort to either of these methods when planning a family.


bulletIs Growth Driving Us To Oblivion, The Japan Times, April 23, 2008
The PanEarth site is highlighted in this article on population growth.


bulletHow to slow the population clock, Christian Science Monitor, July 3, 2006
The reporter interviews Russ Hopfenberg on the causes of population growth.


bullet Time to recognize resources limited, Chapel Hill News, September 1, 2006
Steve Salmony, Ph.D. addresses the reality of limited resources.


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